E4A E-Zine Project

There are numerous alternative magazines on shelf’s around the world, and a far larger number of alternative websites. There are perhaps however less true alternative e-zines. Earth4All is a next step in that area and will in time revolutionise the way we look for more obscure esoteric information and practical applications to address current day-to-day problems resulting from our civilisations headlong rush into dangerous waters.

To be prepared for changes ahead, or indeed to weather the storms we are already being buffeted by, we need to equip ourselves suitably. One core means of doing this has always been mental preparation though both learning, and implementation of knowledge gathered. Wisdom is merely knowledge tested in the fire of experience by practical application. E4A will be one forefront platform for the presentation of information and teachings that can be fuel for the wisdom process.

The team at Earth4All recognise that the global positive change movement has passed a threshold of some kind. Most of those involved in actively seeking to bring about positive global changes sense that there is a need to gather into real world day-to-day interacting communal projects. One core part of the project and magazine is provision of information relating to just such initiatives, we will be offering up opportunities for our participant-readers to contact current organised projects and offer themselves in service to shared goals.

Being a cutting edge media portal project we will also be providing a stream of radio and video recordings, including interviews with some of today’s great thinkers and writers. We have already lined up some very interesting partners to thr project and a mixture of well known guests as well as some less noted by equally fascinating individuals.

E4A is starting out on a great journey, and is just at it’s beginning. As of this moment much of this remains in pure potential form until we create and upload the media for general consumption and finish modifying the sites and media channels. It is my hope though that some of you will join us on this journey. Perhaps if you feel you have relevant skills and an interest in being more directly a part of this project you might even like to make contact for a chat about a potential staff role.

The next stage for the site is a media push scheduled for 21-12-2010, exactly two years before the infamous Maya Long Count calendar clicks into its zero hour.